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About us

Who we are

Brennus Investment Advisory is an independent M&A platform with expertise in restructuring and transformation

As a veteran adviser and broker to a vast number of prominent groups and individuals, we have engrained in our culture the importance of creating and maintaining long-term relationships. Our network of carefully curated connections includes many of the most experienced people and organisations around the world.

Principles and Values

Our approach ensures that our colleagues operate with mutual respect, wherever they may be - and a commitment to promoting diverse thinking. We provide advice solely based on the long-term interests of our clients - with integrity, honesty and respect.

Diversity and Inclusion

Pineapple We foster a culture of respect and accountability and look to attract, retain and develop individuals who share our principles, so they continue to inspire others within the workforce to represent our diverse range of clients we advise around the world.


Statement from Richard Pool-Jones

“Brennus Corporate Finance Advisory goes the extra mile to advocate the exchange of ideas and relationship building among employees who identify as part of underrepresented groups. We are constantly growing as a diverse employee network and ensure that these groups will be supported and developed throughout their careers.”

Brennus is proud to support these UN development goals